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Hood Canal Retreat

Design Team: Steve Hoedemaker and Kelly Jimenez
Interior Design: Garret Cord Werner
Contractor: Fairbank Construction
Photography: Alex Hayden
Date Completed: 2009

The house is perched on a waterfront bluff, on a terrace of land that slopes down toward the water on the south side, and down to a ravine on the west side facing the Olympic Mountain Range. The structures are nestled into their surroundings, at times below grade, resulting in a deep connection to the earth and landscape, and a blurring of inside and outside spaces.

The client came to us wanting two very different things. He wanted a traditional house that recalled the homes of his childhood - big, elegant structures with heavy wood elements, stone foundations and fireplaces. She wanted seamless connections between inside and outside, as well as among all communal spaces. Both of them wanted a house that was cozy for the two of them as well as accommodate their extended family and friends.