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Maury Island, Vashon, WA

Design Team: Tom Bosworth, Steve Hoedemaker and Tori Masterson
Contractor: McIntyre Construction
Landscape: Kenneth Philp Landscape Architects
Honors: Presented at 2009 NW EcoBuilding Guild’s 10x10x10
Certifications: LEED® for Homes Silver
Photography: Alex Hayden
Date Completed: 2009

Project Description
Designed for a fun, hip, young family with four teenage children, two boys and two girls, this vacation house is built on property that has been in the wife’s family for generations, and where her parents still have a small beach house next door. This house is inspired by the desire to recreate for her own family the treasured childhood memories of summers at grandma’s beach house, and to create a larger family vacation community for grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.